guidelines for submitting original artwork to minimal exposition:

please email the viewer with your proposed submission:

preferred submission format:

  • include your url (blog, website, flickr, facebook page)
  • OR: email your original files: minimum 900 pixels wide (landscape) 750 wide (portrait)
  • OR: ask for upload instructions to my drag and drop upload site (unlimited size / quantity)

terms of use:

  • submissions must be original artwork and the submitting artist must hold all rights to the work
  • you grant to minimal exposition the right to use any or all of the images you submit for non-commercial display at our photoblog or other social media controlled by minimal exposition (facebook, twitter, tumblr)
  • artists retain copyright in their submitted work, subject to the rights granted above.

please, do not be offended if your work is not published here. this is a subjective exercise, and ultimately a matter of the viewer’s taste.

if you have questions about any of this, or if there is something we didn’t think of, email the viewer and we’ll sort it out together!