December 22, 2012

iono allen: the inevitability of fate

nothing can replace the experience of wandering in this installation by rose borchovski: every sense is at its higher level, discovering some other new ways to tell a story, still with so much poetry and symbolism. a must see in second life®.
despite that, i dared to make a machinima...

"a story about angry beth and lot
lot turned eight, the sun did shine and all were happy.
but then the war came and all did change.
a harsh hand ruled the world of beth and lot.

they were forced to leave.
they were separated from each other.
they were made the enemy.

the war was bitter and long.

after the war, beth returned.
the child lot had disappeared;
no one knows where she went.

beth keeps searching for lot.
on good days, beth is able to imagine lot is flying like a bird
with her face towards the sky,
searching for the stars.

on bad days, beth can only be angry about her loss.
beth's wounds will never heal."

concept, story and installation by rose borchovski.
susa bubble character by rose borchovski.
music: dionys breukers
voices: pip greenaway
scripting: caer balogh
sounds: rose borchovski,
filmed in second life®, oct 2012

iono allen: kou dada, recursivity


Anonymous said...

this film touches me deeply
and the poem, especially these words......beth's wounds will never heal. "