December 15, 2012

fabio lattanzi antinori: data as culture: the obelisk

fabio lattanzi antinori @ minimal exposition

fabio lattanzi antinori @ minimal exposition

fabio lattanzi antinori @ minimal exposition

the obelisk, by fabio lattanzi antinori
acrylic, wood, paint, microcontroller, polymer, instances of crimes against peace found online.

the obelisk symbolises a metaphorical exploration of the magical side of diagrams and their role of visualising facts as an attempt of objectifying, organising and defining reality.

scanning online news websites in real-time, the artwork changes from opaque to transparent, according to the amount of references to the four main crimes against peace (genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes of aggression and crimes of war), as they were codified during the nuremberg trials and which can still be found in today’s online news. it reminds us that the road to peace is still long.

fabio lattanzi antinori's work is concerned with the individual and the group from a social, historical and cultural perspective focusing around the relationship existing between corporate systems and the language of the interior in the postmodern society. his practice traverses the territory of popular culture in the age of mass information with a specific interest in the sacred role of data, seen as a critical tool to provide an interpretation of reality and an attempt to objectify it.

his language ranges from kinetic sculptures to screen print, photography, video and installations and it has been exhibited internationally in galleries and museums.

many thanks to fabio lattanzi antinori for providing all content for this post!

open data institute: data as culture

fabio lattanzi antinori @ minimal exposition