October 31, 2012

rothko / sugimoto: dark paintings and seascapes

rothko / sugimoto @ minimal exposition
hiroshi sugimoto
bay of sagami, atami 1997
© hiroshi sugimoto, courtesy pace gallery

rothko / sugimoto @ minimal exposition
mark rothko
untitled, 1969
© 1998 kate rothko prizel and christopher rothko / artist rights society, new york (ars)
courtesy pace gallery

rothko/sugimoto: dark paintings and seascapes
oct 04, 2012 – nov 17, 2012

dark paintings and seascapes pairs eight acrylic paintings by rothko and eight gelatin silver prints by sugimoto, revealing two different artistic approaches that arrive at similar conclusions. rothko's use of medium as pure abstraction communes with the work of hiroshi sugimoto who, decades later, used the medium itself to reconsider photography's relationship to his viewers’ perception of the world.

frederic chagnard: little river

many thanks to frederic chagnard for providing embeddable video for this post!
visit frederic's vimeo page for much more

October 30, 2012

ernesto neto: slow is good

ernesto neto @ minimal exposition

excerpts from the exhibition at tanya bonakdar gallery - nyc 4.14.12 - 5.25.12

October 29, 2012

jason arber: black sun

jason arber @ minimal exposition

jason arber @ minimal exposition

alternative portraits from the black sun series
© jason arber

October 28, 2012

anselm kiefer: morganthau plan @ gagosian paris

anselm kiefer @ minimal exposition

anselm kiefer @ minimal exposition

gagosian gallery is pleased to inaugurate a new exhibition space at le bourget in the north of paris with "morgenthau plan," an exhibition by anselm kiefer.

anselm kiefer - morgenthau plan
october 19, 2012 - january 26, 2013
gagosian gallery (paris)

October 27, 2012

iain nicholls: recent paintings

paintings from 2012:

iain nicholls @ minimal exposition
miles memory

October 26, 2012

lauren marsolier: transition 2009 - 2012

lauren marsolier @ minimal exposition

lauren marsolier @ minimal exposition

October 25, 2012

vermibus: interventions

vermibus @ minimal exposition

vermibus @ minimal exposition

October 24, 2012

till rabus: voodoo (and other series)

till rabus @ minimal exposition
voodoo n°1 2012

October 23, 2012

jacob kassay: at powerstation dallas

jacob kassay @ minimal exposition

NO GOAL / april 11 - july 13, 2012

October 22, 2012

anselm reyle: mystic silver

anselm reyle - mystic silver
11.9.12 - 1.27.13
halle für aktuelle kunst

anselm reyle @ minimal exposition
heuwagen 2001 / 2008

hamburg’s deichtorhallen are presenting a comprehensive solo exhibition entitled »mystic silver« on anselm reyle, the berlin-based artist who teaches at hamburg’s university of fine arts. the show will run from november 9, 2012 to january 27, 2013 and is curated by dirk luckow and the artist. it features some 80 selected works from the different series created in recent years as well as new pieces devised specially for the show.

October 21, 2012

the unholy two: urban detail

unholy two @ minimal exposition

October 20, 2012

arthur bispo do rosario: imágenes del inconsciente @ proa fundacion

arthur bispo do rosario @ minimal exposition

arthur bispo do rosario @ minimal exposition

October 19, 2012

fabio borquez: la mode académique

fabio borquez @ minimal exposition

October 18, 2012

dino valls: dies irae

dino valls - contemporary figurative paintings in the style of the masters

dino valls @ minimal exposition
caerulea 2005

dino valls @ minimal exposition
fulmine icta 2008

October 17, 2012

melvin sokolsky: over paris

photos from 1963 - paris

melvin sokolsky @ minimal exposition

October 16, 2012

bernar venet: in the landscape

bernar venet @ minimal exposition

October 15, 2012

olivia & vincent: fin de partie

images from the series fin de partie and transitions:

olivia leriche & vincent goutal @ minimal exposition

October 14, 2012

heather carson: the light is different in los angeles

heather carson @ minimal exposition

October 13, 2012

alejandro guijarro: momentum

momentum: 2010 - ongoing series

alejandro guijarro @ minimal exposition

alejandro guijarro @ minimal exposition

sannah kvist: !NF0RM47!0N 0V3RL04D

sannah kvist @ minimal exposition

October 12, 2012

andric: a good image leaves some questions unanswered

andric @ minimal exposition

October 11, 2012

thomas albdorf: makes things

thomas albdorf @ minimal exposition

October 10, 2012

bernar venet: in sculptural relief

bernar venet @ minimal exposition

October 9, 2012

scarlett hooft graafland: in a white landscape

scarlett hooft graafland @ minimal exposition

October 8, 2012

lori nix: small worlds

excerpts from the 'small worlds' exhibition at the toledo museum of art 2011 - 2012 (interactive)

lori nix small worlds @ minimal exposition
map room

October 7, 2012

clair dorn: colorfield

clair dorn @ minimal exposition

clair dorn @ minimal exposition

colorfield © claire dorn
this series, colorfield, takes its inspiration from the works of rothko. it began with a contemplative, observational meditation on nature. then, by playing with photography’s visual techniques, the balance and beauty of the figurative produced abstraction. the emotions leave the frame to infuse the viewer.

October 6, 2012

pablo delfos: stills

pablo delfos @ minimal exposition

October 5, 2012

chris moon: reverie

chris moon @ minimal exposition
self-taught painter chris moon's exhibition reverie @ londonewcastle
photo via lisa baker associates ltd

rudy ricciotti: école internationale ITER, manosque

rudy ricciotti @ minimal exposition

rudy ricciotti - architecte
école internationale ITER (international thermonuclear experimental reactor), manosque – 2006

October 4, 2012

arne quinze: my secret garden

ed jansen @ minimal exposition

arne quinze
excerpts from the exhibition my secret garden 2012
kunsthal rotterdam
all photos © ed jansen

October 3, 2012

hayri esmer: recent paintings

hayri esmer @ minimal exposition

VEB // a house unbuilt: rinse / repeat

a house unbuilt is consumed with the individual gestures that inscribe meaning onto our bodies and into our lives. the company strives to make visible what is felt in this marking, what is learned in the ways that we carry ourselves within ourselves each day. as artistic director of a house unbuilt, victoria eleanor bradford composes and arranges the residue of encounters—with bodies past, future, and never to be, so that they can be seen and felt, heard and held.

VEB // a house unbuilt: dark glasses

October 1, 2012

minimal exposition: one half million unique visitors

minimal exposition @ minimal exposition

sometime during the summer we passed the one half million viewer mark at minimal exposition.

this isn't a big number in the world of the internet, or even in the world of art blogs. but in the world of minimal exposition, every visitor to the site has come here to see the work of the unbelievably creative artists we have lovingly researched and published in over 1500 posts.

you, the viewers, come from all over the planet at all times of the day, you speak nearly every language and use every type of computer and internet connection to see these posts. you are a quiet bunch, not a lot of commenting, but many of you visit every day, or multiple times per week, or just drop by to see what's happening once in awhile.

our subscribers receive posts via email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, and feedburner subscriptions. the list includes hundreds of professional and amateur artists and art students, gallerists, curators, and museum workers. others get here from links at twitter, facebook, pinterest, tumblr, google+, and a ton of internet image-search engines.

I started this blog in 2009 because there wasn't a place on the internet I could reliably find high quality, large format photos of 'really interesting' contemporary art. three and a half years later, I find the work at minimal exposition continues to engage me, and I love coming here every day to be surprised and delighted by what I see.

my rules for a post are simple: the work must have been created in my lifetime (since 1948), be represented in high quality images over 1000px width, with content that moves me, intrigues me, or has the potential to change my life or perception (when I am sufficiently evolved to appreciate it).

the blog has been re-designed twice since we started. numerous new friends have submitted their work for publication, and some have been posted more than once. you may have noticed that I love to feature the work of emerging and under-exposed artists side by side with giants of the art world...

my deepest thanks to every one of you for visiting, following, and subscribing. please do come back again.

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malia jensen: @ cristin tierney

malia jensen @ minimal exposition
fold 2008