August 31, 2012

01arq: house w

01arq @ minimal exposition

architects: 01arq
location: huentelauquen, chile
architects: c.winckler, p.saric, f.fritz
project year: 2007
photographs: aryeh kornfeld, mauricio fuertes

located in region iv, on the windy coastal town of huentelauquén, w house develops a program that includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and terraces

August 30, 2012

thursday is brought to you by: the letter T

Letter T Explosion from Dan Tobin Smith Studio on Vimeo.

pétur thomsen: umhverfing

pétur thomsen @ minimal exposition

umhverfing is an Icelandic word for the state between nature and environment.
when nature is being transformed in to environment.

August 29, 2012

VEB // a house unbuilt: dark glasses

dark glasses from VEB // A House Unbuilt on Vimeo.

glen wexler: improbable realities

glen wexler @ minimal exposition

August 28, 2012

konstantin: freedom ballet

Freedom-ballet from Konstantin on Vimeo.

stephen posen: fabric paintings

stephen posen @ minimal exposition

fabric paintings 1969 - 1978

August 27, 2012

ALEXPLUS: baltimore warehouse series

alexplus @ minimal exposition

baltimore warehouse series 2012
a collaboration between alexander dijulio (sculpture) and alexander larsen (photography) = ALEXPLUS

August 26, 2012

clare strand: mystery and imagination

clare strand @ minimal exposition

August 25, 2012

kyle cheldon barnett: the warehouse +

kyle cheldon barnett @ minimal exposition

infante-arana & gorunova: articulation of space

francisco infante-arana and nonna gorunova, a husband-wife team working in moscow

August 24, 2012

gudrun mertes-frady: deceleration

gudrun mertes-frady @ minimal exposition
cool blue
oil and metallic pigments on wood
18x18 inches

August 23, 2012

christian beirle gonzález: reality, altered

christian beirle gonzález @ minimal exposition

August 22, 2012

stefanie schwedes: abstract narrative photography

stefanie schwedes @ minimal exposition

August 21, 2012

baptiste de bombourg: inception

baptiste debombourg @ minimal exposition

an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events
interior, living room

"inception i": furniture in melamined particle-panes imitation hêtre design, polyvinyl chloride fitted handles
"inception ii": furniture in melamined particle-panes imitation wengé design, polyvinyl chloride fitted handles
"inception iii": furniture in melamined particle-panes imitation wengé design, polyvinyl chloride fitted handles


realisation time:
70 hours
200 hours
65 hours


August 19, 2012

paul steenhauer: recent work

paul steenhauer @ minimal exposition

August 18, 2012

tomoo gokita @ taka ishii

tomoo gokita @ minimal exposition

clare strand: three conjurations

August 17, 2012

daniele buetti: oh boy, oh boy

excerpts from the exhibition oh boy oh boy at feldbusch wiesner, berlin autumn 2011

daniele buetti @ minimal exposition

daniele buetti's new work series oh boy oh boy illustrates the precarious phenomena of our media-dominated society. today, as in the past, the artist beguiles our senses in order to disguise his critical approach, which is only evident at a second glance. in this way, the artist reveals to the viewers the malleable nature of their own perception and points to the lack of reflection and the social immaturity of our age, in which we have succumbed to the beautiful yet deceptive surface appearances.

August 16, 2012

jørgen leth | the perfect human: re-interpretation and original

antony gormley: horizon field hamburg

horizon field hamburg, 2012
steel 355, steel spiral strand cables, stainless steel mesh (safety net) wood floor, screws & PU resin for top surface coating.

antony gormley @ minimal exposition

antony gormley @ minimal exposition

british artist antony gormley has developed a new, spectacular installation especially for the large deichtorhalle: horizon field hamburg will go on show during the documenta.

August 15, 2012

glenn branca: structure

structure 1981


downloads: prostopleer

more new music
more intermezzos

christian beirle gonzález: at the museum

christian beirle gonzález @ minimal exposition

August 14, 2012

oan kim: bain de foule

oan kim on vimeo

oan kim: je suis le chien pitié (and other themes)

martin rosol: monuments to light

martin rosol @ minimal exposition

martin rosol @ minimal exposition

martin rosol came to the united states in 1988 to pursue his career as a sculptor, a path unavailable to him in czechoslovakia before vaclav havel and the velvet revolution transformed the country.

mary jane leach: trio for duo, 4bc

August 13, 2012

ed ruscha: reading

ed ruscha - reading
kunsthaus bregenz
7.7.12 - 10.14.12

ed ruscha @ minimal exposition
ed ruscha
kub edition
open book with worm holes
hand printed lithograph (7 colors) on magnani pescia paper (gray)
photo: paul ruscha

ed ruscha @ minimal exposition
ed ruscha
oh no, 2011
hand-drilled intaglio on fore-edge of book
photo: paul ruscha
© ed ruscha

the work of ed ruscha (born 1937), one of the best-known artists of his generation, eludes established categories. assigned to pop art at the start of his career and later on to conceptual art, today it is clear that one of the qualities of ed ruscha’s work is its never confining itself to one style or medium. artist books, drawings, prints, photography, and painting are used in parallel, for instance, together with materials as unconventional as gunpowder, fruit juice, coffee, and syrup in producing his drawings and prints.

August 12, 2012

marius budu: flesh and soul, fluid and form

marius budu @ minimal exposition

born timisoara, romania
currently based in copenhagen

August 11, 2012

al taylor: rim jobs, side effects, odd vows, pet stain removal, and more

excerpts from various exhibitions at david zwirner gallery:

al taylor @ minimal exposition

August 10, 2012

pampaugnak: three

Dzaudjikauskaya GES \ Дзауджикауская ГЭС from Pampaugnak on Vimeo.

julia schiller: a herd of birds

julia schiller @ minimal exposition

August 9, 2012

the lime project: submerged

Submerged from The Lime Project Dance Company on Vimeo.

submerged [səbˈmɜːdʒd], submersed [səbˈmɜːst]

1. growing beneath the surface of the water
2. hidden; obscured
3. overwhelmed or overburdened

Experimental short dance film. Winnipeg's Exchange District July 2012
The Lime Project Dance Company
Choreographer: Nina Patel
Dancer: Ming Hon
Music: Nick Cave
Videography: Vince Pahkala
Edited: Martin Aquino

eric dyer: the friends I made in brooklyn...

the friends I made in brooklyn were incredible; they helped me let go.

eric dyer @ minimal exposition

August 8, 2012

nicholas walton-healey: fox breath

nicholas walton-healey fox breath

nicholas walton-healey fox breath

fox breath examines the way identity is formed and maintained in small rural communities. I explored this topic within the community of raglan, which is approximately 65 km outside ballarat, victoria. a selection of these works (which consisted of both portraits and landscapes) were exhibited at the raglan hall — which is in raglan, victoria, australia — in december 2011.
nicholas walton-healey

noah kalina: ghislain ramage - cyr wheel

noah kalina: ghislain ramage - cyr wheel

more noah kalina

August 7, 2012

george e holroyd III: 33 meters squared

george holroyd @ minimal expositionno. 10

nils völker: 64, 28, 75

August 6, 2012

steven alexander: painting about painting

steven alexander @ minimal exposition

my work explores relations that reside in the constant flux of pure sensory events. i am interested in the interaction between the painting and the viewer's imagination, and in the painting's potential to generate unspecified mobile meaning.
sa 2012

August 5, 2012

ramón j. goñi: on new terms

written and directed by ramón j. goñi
based on the poem 'on new terms' by deborah garrison

via showstudio

sara naim: recent work

August 4, 2012

yuu sakai: horizon, drifter

yuu sakai @ minimal exposition

photos © yuu sakai all rights reserved
via flickr

August 3, 2012

beth hoeckel: the edge of the world


beth hoeckel @ minimal exposition

August 2, 2012

keith w.c. lemley: dreams of an ideal

dreams: repaired scrap machines, automated light arrow, galvanized steel, cement, enamel, acrylic
keith lemley @ minimal exposition

August 1, 2012

efim armand: memorial

personal cg project of the memorial to the murdered jews of europe at berlin - the site is covered with 2,711 concrete slabs or "stelae", one for each page of the talmud arranged in a grid pattern on a sloping field. according to project text, the stelae are designed to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason.
done with 3ds max (v-ray, forest pro), nuke, after effects.
music by guy farley.

efim armand memorial @ minimal exposition

e.s.a.: three

when the snow is falling