July 8, 2012

luca spano: one

my vision leans on a minimal approach, which wants to interpret in a personal way my surroundings. i seek emptiness and solitude to help me connect with the world, looking for images that go beyond simple documentation and focus on the feelings i get from these places. in this way my work walks along both a personal and a narrative path perceiving the contemporary landscape.
in detail the project “one” rises around that intimate relationship, which ties the loneliness of the gaze to the act of contemplation; a process that emotionally sees how melancholy weaves a thread between the observer and that which is observed. the selected location where my gaze experiences this empathic exchange relationship is my native land, sardinia, which carries in its landscapes and in its way of being an island my own way of facing the outside world and relating to others in my everyday life. feeling lonely hanging in the everlasting balance of “remembering the future”. living loneliness not in its usual negative meaning, but as a longing for life and connection with the world.
i started this series in 2007, taking pictures only in early morning or with a cloudy sky. i wanted images to be achromatic and soft in order to convey a taste of vanishing memory. i chose to print them in a small format because i want these images to appear very close and personal.
luca spano was born in cagliari, italy. he has worked as a photographer since 2007 and is now based in london.

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found at photoworks magazine


Patrick Lucas said...

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