July 21, 2012

iono allen: kou dada, recursivity

a machinima by iono allen
an installation by eupalinos ugajin & simotron aquila
music: ligeti - nonsense madrigals - the alphabet
voice over: john cage, reading '26 statements RE duchamp (extract)

whatever happens, life goes on...
a machinima by iono allen
installations by:
- glyph graves: "the dance of strangers",
- sorror nishi at uwa,
- rose borchovski; "the inevatibility of fate",
- artistide despres (artée): " 4 cordes",
- trill zapatero: "the apocalypse will not be televised",
- haveit neox: "stirring the dreams".
outside parts filmed at the university of western australia (uwa).
music: k. mc leod (incompetech.com) under cc license.
filmed in second life®, june 2012


Anonymous said...

yes, life goes on....
this film and music affects me strongly