July 20, 2012

dryden wells: stacks and tiles

working devoutly in clay, i continue to be challenged and seduced by the medium. the manipulation of the material is what excites me, whether i am working big or small, loosely or precisely.

interior and exterior spaces are primary oppositions that i use in my work both formally and conceptually. using animal forms as a subjects for my process and vehicles for my content, i am able to address these spaces literally and metaphorically. the animal form allows me to juxtapose other distinct opposites such as life and death, positive and negative. i feel that through this synthesis i am presenting questions and concerns which are not necessarily answered in the work.

recently, i am interested in creating forms or sculptures through the use of multiples. the multiples i am using are specifically segments of animals made with both hand-built and mold made forms. by fragmenting and stacking them, i am trying to obscure the initial subject and capture the evidence of a space and motion. i work and build both intuitively and analytically in an attempt to contrast these formal characteristics and to push my concepts.
dryden wells

works are earthenware, slipcast

website: drydenwells.com

found at / photos courtesy: ceramics now magazine