July 12, 2012

brian day: black and white detroit

everything will be alright


don't expect a genie

where this road ends another begins

come what may

game of life

feel no pain



the cool kids

eight mile

based in detroit, brian day gravitates toward urban, conceptual, and landscape themes. inspired by masters of landscape, street, and conceptual work, brian starts his adventure into photography 3 years ago and evolved quite dramatically in a unique black and white style featuring visual scenes with as few subjects as possible. brian’s legendary talent explores new opportunities for black-and-white imagery guiding the viewer’s eyes trough lights, contrasts and visually stunning compositions.
excerpt from: inspiring, thrilling & expressive black and white photograhy by brian day @ photography office

website: brianday.org

found at / photos via photographyoffice.com

brian day: the human element


Anonymous said...

I love this series
and the words fit so well