July 31, 2012

nagae shigekazu: forms in succession

July 30, 2012

elisabeth couloigner: book of paintings

from the artist's book: 'I'm searching 2'
(click image for full size)

July 29, 2012

harrison tyler: blood on the floor: work is being done here

present at hand: 2012
steel, cast plastic, cast aluminum, pvc, paint, hardware, osb, pine

July 28, 2012

olson kundig: the pierre

July 27, 2012

mitch paster: adrift

July 26, 2012

gheorghe zarnescu: in the studio (recent work - 2012)

July 25, 2012

susanne alm: silence


July 24, 2012

robert mangold: 1990 - 2008

study attic series xvi 1990

July 23, 2012

jessica eaton: cubes for albers and lewitt (and more)

July 22, 2012

rachel lowndes: absence and artificiality

all photos copyright © rachel lowndes all rights reserved
website: rachellowndes.co.uk

found at photoworks magazine

July 21, 2012

iono allen: kou dada, recursivity

a machinima by iono allen
an installation by eupalinos ugajin & simotron aquila
music: ligeti - nonsense madrigals - the alphabet
voice over: john cage, reading '26 statements RE duchamp (extract)

whatever happens, life goes on...
a machinima by iono allen
installations by:
- glyph graves: "the dance of strangers",
- sorror nishi at uwa,
- rose borchovski; "the inevatibility of fate",
- artistide despres (artée): " 4 cordes",
- trill zapatero: "the apocalypse will not be televised",
- haveit neox: "stirring the dreams".
outside parts filmed at the university of western australia (uwa).
music: k. mc leod (incompetech.com) under cc license.
filmed in second life®, june 2012

julius eastman: crazy nigger (1980)

julius eastman
crazy nigger 1980 (for four pianos)

gerard bouwhuis
sepp grotenhuis
ivo janssen
cees van zeeland

found at wildlife analysis

July 20, 2012

dryden wells: stacks and tiles

working devoutly in clay, i continue to be challenged and seduced by the medium. the manipulation of the material is what excites me, whether i am working big or small, loosely or precisely.

interior and exterior spaces are primary oppositions that i use in my work both formally and conceptually. using animal forms as a subjects for my process and vehicles for my content, i am able to address these spaces literally and metaphorically. the animal form allows me to juxtapose other distinct opposites such as life and death, positive and negative. i feel that through this synthesis i am presenting questions and concerns which are not necessarily answered in the work.

recently, i am interested in creating forms or sculptures through the use of multiples. the multiples i am using are specifically segments of animals made with both hand-built and mold made forms. by fragmenting and stacking them, i am trying to obscure the initial subject and capture the evidence of a space and motion. i work and build both intuitively and analytically in an attempt to contrast these formal characteristics and to push my concepts.
dryden wells

works are earthenware, slipcast

website: drydenwells.com

found at / photos courtesy: ceramics now magazine

July 19, 2012

svenja deininger: non-narrative pictorial space

current exhibition at kunst halle krems - krems on der donau, austria
opening 7.12.12 - continues through 9.30.12

svenja deininger
born in vienna in 1974
studied in münster und düsseldorf

painting after painting: svenja deininger‘ s works reflect the manifold problematic issues and crises of art in an era of technical images, making them productive as a creative impulse. the artist questions materials, methods, and apodictic demands for the representational and abstraction and derives aesthetic solutions from these conflict situations. she is not concerned with achieving a fake artistic harmony, but with understanding the dissonances implied in modern painting as an integral part of her world.
svenja deininger frequently uses different priming coats that produce a surface tension in her pictures and influence their coloring – a modular approach which relies on colors for atmospheric purposes either in order to achieve some kind of balance or to provide a counterweight.
despite its explicitly non-narrative character, svenja deininger‘ s painting seems to unfold mysterious pictorial spaces. sometimes one feels like looking through a window at a light-flooded scenery as in an edward hopper picture; occasionally, the viewer is confronted with an illusion of spatial depth through sharply contrasting light and dark tones and the combination of geometrical patterns. „i use different methods of painting in one picture, which exist side by side. i do not pursue them further sometimes and destroy their results until they suddenly combine again“
(press release kunsthalle wien 2010)

images and text courtesy galerie martin janda, wein

July 18, 2012

susanne alm: still...life











many thanks to susanne alm for providing high res images for this post!

susanne alm lives and works in sweden
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