June 12, 2012

stefan heyne: speak to me

art is seeking you and will find you, you must simply be capable of waiting.
stefan heyne

many thanks to stefan heyne for providing high resolution images for this post!

all content copyright © stefan heyne all rights reserved
stefan heyne lives and works in berlin
website: stefan-heyne.de

available from artbook.com:
stefan heyne: speak to me (highly recommended)
text by hubertus von amelunxen, stefan gronert, karin irvine
"countering the becher school’s emphasis on crisp execution, german photographer stefan heyne (born 1965) embraces more fugitive effects of shadow play and hazy light. this volume looks at his most recent works, which press this tendency even further, forgoing depiction in an attempt to “paint with light.”


Anonymous said...

I really like the title and the words

the images are beautiful and silent