June 13, 2012

michael beck: notes to self

new paintings by michael beck at lora schlesinger gallery - santa monica, ca 6.16.12 - 7.28.12
opening reception 6.16.12 5 - 7 pm

I've been thinking about dating, 2012
oil on canvas
50 x 83"

ready to roll, 2012
oil on canvas
28 x 48"

cinderella's dream, 2012
oil on canvas
16 x 28"

I'm off...to my future!, 2012
oil on canvas
14 x 22"

sunday in the park, 2011
oil on canvas
55 x 55"

shoot the loop, 2012
oil on canvas
18 x 18"

solo performance, 2012
oil on canvas
11 x 10"

she's going places, 2012
oil on canvas
38 x 44"

get 'em guys, 2012
oil on canvas
11-1/2 x 27"

abandon hope all ye who enter, 2012
oil on canvas
13 x 20"

move that mountain, 2012
oil on canvas
22 x 32"

lora schlesinger is pleased to announce michael beck's second solo exhibition with the gallery, "notes to self".

ordinary objects bearing the scars of use and time glimmer in the spotlight and take center stage in michael beck's "notes to self". by using objects whose age gives them a rich and intriguing history, beck translates their past into an interactive play between the audience and the paintings. his use of light and shadow lure the viewer onto the stage offering them a chance to play the supporting role as the object's previous owner. beck's carefully selected titles, such as "I've been thinking about dating," put the play into motion and guide the viewer through the script awakening thoughts the previous owner might have once had while using the object. at first glance his use of light creates a cheerful mood, but shortly after the lurking shadow in the background begins to compete and the viewer is left to decide whether the object or the shadow is the celebrity. beck creates a visual means that allows the viewer to gain new insight about what an object is, and how it can be seen.

many thanks to rebecca zarate and lora schlesinger gallery for providing the images for this post!

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