March 31, 2012

lolo y sosaku miyazaki: handmade instruments


March 30, 2012

franz gertsch: paintings and woodcuts 1983 - 2011

excerpts from franz gertsch - seasons at kunsthaus zürich 2011


gräser I 1995-96
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

gräser II 1996-97
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

gräser III 1997
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

four seasons:

autumn 2008
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

winter 2009
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

summer 2009
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

spring 2011
© kunsthaus zürich 2011


gräser ‘ausblick’, 2007
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

pestwurz ‘ausblick’, 2005
© kunsthaus zürich 2011

born in berne in 1930, franz gertsch has been producing paintings and woodcuts for five decades, with little time for the fashions of salons and biennales. from time to time, his path has briefly coincided with those of the trendsetters (documenta v, 1972), but thereafter he has seemed to go his own way once again. as far as his art is concerned, such encounters are of no importance. whether he is in the spotlight and receiving plaudits or working away in isolation in his studio in the alpine foothills, gertsch’s painting is self-generating. unlike his celebrated german counterparts he has never flirted with metapainting. his pictures do not speak of their relationship to other pictures; they do not lament the passing of real painting or consign it to the distant future.
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all works © 2011 franz gertsch
more: museum franz gertsch

March 29, 2012

thomas schmidt: synthesized landscapes and other work

from the series synthesized landscapes:

from the series we are hiding now so we can be discovered later

from the series i remember nothing

from the series public works

thomas schmidt lives and works in paris and berlin

all content copyright © thomas schmidt all rights reserved

shaun gladwell: pataphysical man (2005)

shaun gladwell is included in
parallel collisions: 2012 adelaide biennial of australian art

March 28, 2012

kris scheifele: fades, contortions, chips

gilded fade 2012

medical fade 2011

money fade 2012

passion fade 2012

quiet fade 2012

blood fade 2012

intense rainbow fade 2012

7 3/4" paint chips 2012

8" paint chips 2011

paint chips (detail)

rainbow contortion 2009

luxury contortion 2010

cherry contortion 2010

kris scheifele's recent work is rooted in process and began with an investigation of paint's physicality. after thirty to fifty layers of acrylic paint are applied to a support, these slabs are pulled up, sliced, carved, and/or peeled. free of a support and hung directly on the wall, the paint then performs by bending, sagging, and stretching. this elasticity suggests the body and skin while the 'aestheticised' decay alludes to the moth-eaten, rot, or fire damage. meant to reflect on cycles in life as well as cycles in art, scheifele's work rides the line between painting and sculpture.
exerpt: kris scheifele among 30 artists to watch in 2012 (ny arts mag)

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March 27, 2012

magdalena zeisel: dance | light | dance

dance - light:

la dance:

many thanks to magdalena zeisel for permission to post these images!
magdalena zeisel lives and works in vienna.

all content copyright © magdalena zeisel all rights reserved

carolyn marks blackwood: light, reflection, flight

many thanks to carolyn marks blackwood for providing the images for this post!
representation: alan klotz gallery

see carolyn's work at AIPAD photography show
park ave armory, nyc - alan klotz gallery booth 217
3.29 - 4.3.12

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