February 29, 2012

chris rochelle: working distance

from the series 'bellows'
2011 inkjet, fiber print
2012 fiber based gelatin silver paper


'lightswaddle' 2012
cinefoil, string, oil on canvas

untitled 2011

untitled 2011

cinefoil 2010
foil, canvas, gaffer tape

working distance: the clear distance between the rear surface of the lens and the film

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chris rochelle: safelight

February 28, 2012

jonathan prince: new work at christie's sculpture garden

jonathan prince - new work at christie's sculpture garden
535 madison avenue, new york
through 4.1.12

southern remnant (foreground), bore block (background)

southern remnant

bore block
photo courtesy jonathan prince

southern remnant

bore block

bore block 2011
oxidized and stainless steel
8.25 x 8 x 2 ft

southern remnant 2012
oxidized and stainless steel
5 x 11 x 5 ft

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photos courtesy melina hammer except as noted

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jonathan prince: in stone
jonathan prince: torn steel

February 27, 2012

aldo bertolini: istinto e materia

istoria 1 2010
enamel on copper

istoria 3 2010
enamel on copper

paesaggio 2010
enamel on copper

panorama urbano 2011
enamel on aluminum

confronti 2010
enamel on aluminum

equilibri 2 2009
enamel on copper

equilibri 1 2009
enamel on copper

racconto 2008
enamel on copper

from the series massa e citta' 2007
installation, copper

massa e citta' 1

massa e citta' 2

massa e citta' 5

frammento 2008
enamel on copper

compressioni 2007
enamel on copper

aldo bertolini lives and works in rome

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February 26, 2012

morton feldman: triadic memories | steven d foster: repetition series

triadic memories: excerpt (10:00) - aki takahashi (piano)
morton feldman 1981

remembrance of things present: steven foster's repetition series photographs - morton feldman's triadic memories
augmented original essay by clark lunberry 2004

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February 25, 2012

david lang: départs

play in a popout window

composer david lang was commissioned by the raymond poincaré hospital in garches, france, to write this music for their morgue, or salle des departs. the images in the video are of the morgue, which was designed by ettore spalletti. to learn more about the project:
bbc.co.uk: the last goodbye

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karl bielik: recent paintings

father 2011

the superman 2010

big bad wolf 2009

brand 2010

below 2010

flag 2010

arrow 2009

apostrophe 2011

ribbon 2009

roof 2011

working on a multitude of paintings at a time, karl bielik's brew of abstractions are developed in batches. irregular canvases cover his studio walls and floors, where he shifts from one painting to another, experimenting playfully with mark making.
formal lines taken from photographs and diagrams contrast loose oily wounds, thick emulsions offset light glazes and dribbles. bielik fluctuates between techniques, pushing and challenging the paint until a kind of harmony is met.
in contrast to this emotive imagery, banal solitary words form bielik's titles, tempering and balancing the melancholy character of his paintings; the result, a prolific collection of finely tuned sophisticated studies.

karl bielik lives and works in london.

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