December 16, 2011

three hundred thousand unique visitors: thank you!

some images our visitors have recently shared...

minimal exposition @ minimal exposition

three hundred thousand unique visitors.

this isn't a big number in the world of the internet, or even in the world of art blogs. but in the world of minimal exposition, every visitor came to see something we shared in over 1130 lovingly researched and crafted posts.

many of you came back: some regular friends visit every day, some come once in awhile, and a growing number of visitors have submitted their work and seen it published here (more, please).

I love coming here every day. one day I 'discover' an 18 year old photographer with a great eye and a photoblog or a video of a woman smashing eggs with a telephone receiver; another day may reunite me with the long-loved work of an established art 'giant'. this work always delights me!

thank you for joining me, please come again.

the viewer


Anonymous said...

i love minimal exposition
thank you very much david