December 1, 2011

dmc initiative: future proof

the dmc initiative (dmci) developed this piece as a response to the 2011 a/nz promaxbda conference title of future proof.

our approach was to focus not on futuristic notions but to consider that which is timeless. people, the expression of self and the interactions between each other are timeless qualities relevant to creativity, no matter what the future holds.

the concept started quite fluidly, by briefing a variety of dancers, with individual performance styles, to develop choreography based on the concepts of growth, sharing, sending and receiving.

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photos copyright nathan drabsch all rights reserved

creative director / director: nathan drabsch
producer: amy nguyen
editing, design, 3d & compositing: the dmci - brecon littleford, bernard tan, nathan drabsch
composition & sound design: mark brandis and jeff black @ ism studios
sarah seville
natasha marconi
william sanchez
christopher van doren
amy campbell
charles bartley
thi nguyen

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