December 18, 2011

clare twomey: forever

the nelson atkins museum of art, kansas city
october 9, 2010—january 2, 2011

this work was made in response to the historic burnap collection at the nelson atkins museum in kansas city; the collection comprises 1345 objects and one of these, the sandbach cup, was chosen by the artist and reproduced 1345 times with the help of hartley greens & co. leeds pottery, a ceramics factory in northern england. the public were able to own one of these cups if they agreed to sign a deed from the museum that stated they would keep it forever: 10,000 people signed this agreement highlighting issues of ownership, responsibility and the notion of time.

all content copyright clare twomey all rights reserved


am said...

The Nelson Atkins is in Missouri.

the viewer said...

thank you, am, corrections made. guess i needed to fact-check the artist's website!

am said...

I really enjoy your site, errors aside!