November 25, 2011

sergey larenkov: frightening proximity of the past

The Grand Palace at Peterhof. 1941/2011 Nazis at the burning palace.

1941/2010. Moskow. Announcement about German attack.

Berlin, 1945/2010, Mehringdamm

Soviet-Finnish War(1939-1940). Destroyed railway bridge in Terijoki / Zelenogorsk, 1939/2011

Paris 1940/2010. German cavalry on the Avenue Foch.

Berlin 1945/2010 Fight at U-bahn station Frankfurter Allee.

Можайское направление было одним из важнейших и в прошлом.

photos copyright © sergey larenkov all rights reserved

found at f/ilm - visual narratives


Anonymous said...

very emotional images

Brenda Clews said...

Did Sergey Larenkov go and photograph the exact locations of the original black and white photographs and then blend them so seamlessly?

I have been viewing these photos, marvelling, how close they are, in their construction, to the way our minds intermesh the past with the present through our memories.

And they are frightening, too. How close we are to destroying what we have with our will to power.

Anonymous said...

Brilliant visual display of what exists on a level beyond our physical vision.

the viewer said...

thanks for commenting. yes, he photographed the original sites from the identical point of view.
they make me think about the residual effect of an action on a place, let alone on our minds.