November 16, 2011

john grant: solace


cosmos under water




fern nouveau




solace: adrift with flowers

flowers and botanical material floating under water take on a special grace and a literally magnified presence. for this work, botanical material was sometimes allowed to float and decay for weeks while i periodically captured the glint of natural light or the seemingly fortuitous arrangement of frost or detritus as the flowers decayed and became colorless and diaphanous.
my interest here is to create provocative imagery using common organic objects to see what they suggest anew. speaking out from a source of wisdom, connection to self, or from some seemingly important question or even simple wonderment. taking the time to see what develops and being present for what is there.
i express myself using contemporary photographic tools, but in this case, only to maximize the impact of what already existed.
all of the plant material was grown in my own gardens.
john grant 2011
charlottesville, virginia, usa

many thanks to john grant for providing high resolution images for this post!

all photographs copyright © john grant all rights reserved

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magic and very soft sense