November 30, 2011

jonathan prince: torn steel

jonathan prince - torn steel
the sculpture garden @ 590 madison avenue, new york
through 1.10.12

vestigial block
2011 oxidized and stainless steel
6.25 x 6 x 6 feet

torus 340
2011 oxidized and stainless steel
13.5 x 12 x 8 feet

disc fragment
2011 oxidized and stainless steel
9.5 x 8 x 5 feet

totem 2
2011 oxidized and stainless steel
12.5 x 2 x 2 feet

vestigial block (detail image)

torus 340 (detail image)

many thanks to jonathan prince for providing the photographs for this post!

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jonathan prince: in stone
jonathan prince: new work at christie's sculpture garden

November 29, 2011

ivan pinkava: removal, independence, allegory

shoes for joseph beuys, 2007

no title, 2008

vanitas, 2008

three mattresses

diis manibus!, 2009

chair, 2004

no title, 2010

vanitas, 2003

the other side

aloe, 2008

spiritual exercises III, 2003

weihnachtsoratorium, 2008

no title, 2010

photos copyright © ivan pinkava all rights reserved

November 28, 2011

todd saunders: long studio, newfoundland

photos © bent rené synnevåg via domus and

found at domus

November 27, 2011

john grant: reveries and beyond

moon flower rising

arrangement 2

anticipation of spring


sycamore sky

many thanks to john grant for providing high resolution images for this post!

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November 26, 2011

kelly mark: three

the kiss 2007 - 2009
2 channel dvd sculpture: 15 minutes loop, colour, silent
part of the glow video series in which i use television content, in this case a hard core porn movie, as a simple source material for reflected light installations.
the light source for this work was created by simply recording the cast light of a gang bang scene in a hard core porn film as it bathed my apartment wall while viewing. no image or sound was captured only the reflected light. the porn genre tends to be fairly routine and pragmatic in terms of editing, therefore the resulting glow is steady and rhythmic with few camera changes but with quickening pulses of colour...mainly pinks, oranges and red hues.

i forgot to remember to forget 12.11.10 - 4.1.11
site specific light installation in store front window gallery queenspecific

video popout

nothing is so important that it needs to be made in six foot neon 2009

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zimoun: sculpting sound

solo exhibition at the ringling museum of art, sarasota fl
10.1111 - 1.8.12

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zimoun: sound sculptures & installations

November 25, 2011

sergey larenkov: frightening proximity of the past

The Grand Palace at Peterhof. 1941/2011 Nazis at the burning palace.

1941/2010. Moskow. Announcement about German attack.

Berlin, 1945/2010, Mehringdamm

Soviet-Finnish War(1939-1940). Destroyed railway bridge in Terijoki / Zelenogorsk, 1939/2011

Paris 1940/2010. German cavalry on the Avenue Foch.

Berlin 1945/2010 Fight at U-bahn station Frankfurter Allee.

Можайское направление было одним из важнейших и в прошлом.

photos copyright © sergey larenkov all rights reserved

found at f/ilm - visual narratives