September 30, 2011

arnaud de gramont: flourescence(s)

from flourescence(s) 08 septembre - 22 octobre
ilan engel gallery, paris

ilan engel gallery will be showing arnaud de gramont’s photos, in an exhibition entitled “fluorescence(s)”. after working 15 years as an architect, arnaud de gramont (born in 1960) became a photographer in 2003. arnaud de gramont adds: “i am fascinated by light, hence these numerous urban photos of electric light sources: lamps, neon lights, signs, halos”.

photos via la letter de la photographie and ifa gallery, shanghai

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September 29, 2011

marco monfardini: die jugend - drama

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die jugend - drama
directed - marco monfardini
music - drama
camera - luca breschi

marco monfardini: remain - clizia

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music: CLIZIA

September 28, 2011

precursor: mario giacomelli

mario giacomelli - landscapes from
metamorphosis of the land, 1970-80s and
on being aware of nature, 1980-90s
atlas gallery, london
6.23 - 8.12 2011

all content via atlas gallery

photo via young gifted and black

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September 27, 2011

oscar tuazon: in situ formalism

from untitled (leave me be) 4.2.9 - 5.9.9

(not yet titled) 2010

from untitled (leave me be) 4.2.9 - 5.9.9

from untitled (leave me be) 4.2.9 - 5.9.9

from untitled (leave me be) 4.2.9 - 5.9.9


untitled (unmapping, unmaking, unmeaning #1) 2010

oscar tuazon lives and works in paris, new york, tacoma

images via standard (oslo)
found at contemporary art daily
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September 26, 2011

gert germeraad: home sweet home

on racial biology (eugenics) 2011:

excerpts from hem ljuva hem / home sweet home
kristianstads konsthall 29 januari - 27 mars 2011



"I think that xenophobia and upcoming fascism are a menace for our open society. I would like to stress the fact that thoughts of racist movements - like the eugenic - still exist in our every day life and thoughts."
gert germeraad
more about the exhibition here

french children of the holocaust 2011:

(series in process)

anny-yolande horowitz was born on june 2, 1933, in strassbourg. interned in the lalande camp near tours and then transferred to drancy, she was deported to auschwitz on convoy 31 on september 11, 1942, with her mother, frieda and her sister paulette, age 7.

jacques wisznia was born on october 15, 1937, in paris, where he lived at 108 rue de la folie-mericourt (11th arr.). he was deported to auschwitz on february 9, 1943, on convoy 46.

georges drajner, born on may 30, 1930, in paris, was deported to auschwitz on august 25, 1942, on convoy 23. he lived at 75 rue de paris in vanves, a suburb of paris.

many thanks to gert germeraad for providing the images for this post!
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September 25, 2011

bahar yurukoglu: neoscapes and installations

die zukunft
acrylic, video projection 8:16

die zukunft detail

die zukunft detail

ante camera
acrylic, slide projection

ante camera detail


neo II, untitled

neo X, diamond crusted

neo VI, untitled

all content copyright © bahar yurukoglu all rights reserved

found at culturehall online (feature issue #77)