August 31, 2011

querkraft: museum liaunig

museum liaunig 2008
neuhaus, austria
querkraft architekten, wien

via museum liaunig

via museum liaunig

via museum liaunig

via museum liaunig

the museum liaunig, industrialist and art collector herbert w. liaunig’s project in neuhaus in carinthia, opened at the end of august 2008. the new museum houses liaunig’s collection of contemporary art and, as an interesting counterpoint, a collection of akan gold objects.

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more modern architecture

adam fuss: transformation and metamorphosis

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seen at huis marseille museum voor fotografie (until 9.4.2011)
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August 30, 2011

la lettre de la photographie: holidays 2011

la lettre de la photographie (online photo newsletter) took the summer off and invited readers to submit their holiday photos. submissions were published over the summer. here are a few favorites, link to the entire archive below.

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© stéphane le garrec

© david m. winship

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© raymon elozua

© juha karilo

© dominique cherprenet

© aurélien le duc

© julia fullerton-batten

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holger lippmann: digital painting

schorfheide (9)

schorfheide (7) 2008-9

ellipse landscape

corrosive landscape



recursive tree series snow

recursive tree series nebel wald

recursive tree series RIMPA 11

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holger lippmann: endless generation