July 18, 2011

tim lukeman: allegorical collage: descending mavis

from descending mavis - a novella-in-collage

i have such unsettling dreams of late

it was here that i first saw them

i have wandered the labyrinth in despair

there is no returning to what has been lost

they found me standing there in silence

i fled through the wasteland of his lies

i fear my daimon calls to me

i await the midnight ritual once more

silence falls too swiftly in the twilight

i will never come here again

many thanks to tim lukeman for permission to post these images!

all content copyright © tim lukeman all rights reserved
via owlwise 12 (flickr)


Anonymous said...

a strange world
filled with messages

The New King said...

How did you get in contact with Tim??

the viewer said...

I contacted him through his Flickr mail at https://www.flickr.com/photos/22309932@N05/sets/72157605331044073/