July 10, 2011

precursor: lewis baltz

monterey 1967

construction detail, east wall, xerox, 1821 dyer road, santa ana, near irvine, california 1970s

public places, berkeley, california (#1A) 1972

morgan hill 1968

tract house no. 22 1971

corona del mar 1971

public places, claremont, california (#2A) 1973

new monterey 1968

flourescent tube 1977

sausalito 1968

mission viejo 1968

images via eastman house, sfmoma, national gallery of art

lewis baltz bio (professor of conceptual photography)
current exhibition:
lewis baltz prototypes/ronde de nuit
through july 31, 2011
national gallery of art

more precursor(s)


Anonymous said...

great ...i love it!