July 21, 2011

anton reijnders: the capacity to be astonished

landscape still life 15 2011
unfired clay, fired clay, glaze, buckets, cloth, wheels, doormat, flowerpot, earth, plastic part

duty II 2011
drawers, doormat, fired clay, tera sigillata, shopping bag, wood, dinner plates

stack 21
fired clay, terra sigillata, folding chair (altered)

project/reflect 2010
projector table, fired clay, terra sigillata, wood, mirror

assumption I 2010
wood and cloth, fired clay, terra sigillata, stool

stack 10b 2009
fired clay, unfired clay, glaze, engobe, tea cloth

stack 20 2009
fired clay, terra sigillata, chair

nomen nescio 135 2008
gypsum (z corp. 3D print), fired clay, engobe

stack 19 2006
fired clay, glaze, socks, trousers, paving stone

large sphere and tongue 2005
fired clay, terra sigillata

nomen nescio 125 2005
fired clay, porcelain, terra sigillata, canvas

Stack 17a 2004 - 2005
fired clay, terra sigillata, newspaper, sand

nomen nescio 124 2004
fired clay, terra sigillata, cobble, paper board

nomen nescio 122 2003
fired clay, terra sigillata, pillow, tea cloth

status 07 2003
fired clay, terra sigillata, wood

“creativity is based on the human capacity to be astonished, and as such, to address assumptions and outstrip projected outcome. we are surrounded by images and things that are increasingly subservient to quick effects and short-term economics. our lives are marked by a fixation on efficiently achieving results. but to achieve results in an efficient way the outcome has to be fixed and astonishment has to be oppressed. as a result, we only harvest what we crave for, often much less.”
— anton reijnders

many thanks to anton reijnders for providing the photos for this post!

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Anonymous said...

nomen nescio 135
large sphere and tongue

I like very much!