July 31, 2011

sean cheetham: urban realism

in use

black lamb

evil twin


bone amie


656 1/2 tularosa

spoonful of sugar



front door

gretchen and roscoe

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July 30, 2011

jan steele: voices and instruments (2)

side a:

popout window

from the 1975 release on obscure records
lyrics: james joyce and e. e. cummings
performers: jan steele, richard bernas, steve beresford, fred frith, robert wyatt, carla bley
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July 29, 2011

john divola: dark star (2)

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review: john divola at gallery luisotti

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July 28, 2011

rem koolhaas: casa da musica (details)

casa da musica - 2005
porto, portugal
rem koolhaas | OMA architects >projects > casa da musica...


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casa da musica
copyright © diegoperez74

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exterior details:

image ownership unknown

image ownership unknown

image ownership unknown

interior details:

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a room
copyright © sam grover

red hall
copyright © sam grover

escaleras metálicas
copyright © diegoperez74

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casa da musica slideshow:
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July 27, 2011

dreamscapes: art | architecture | fiction

the pulitzer foundation for the arts 2/11/2011 - august 13, 2011

“as you go through the building, the scenes will change, the mood will change, the fiction will change. if they are subtle enough then you will not think of it as fiction or a story, you will just live it as reality.”
tadao ando, 2000

rene magritte
the active voice 1951

previous three images:
scott burton
rock settee 1988-90

do ho suh
staircase - pulitzer version 2010

previous two images:
kiki smith
pee body 1992

curators at the pulitzer respond to the multiple fictions and experiences of ando’s architecture. art selection and placement are determined by the art’s formal, material, or metaphorical relationship to the architecture. lights are generally turned off because natural light “brings geometry of the space closer to nature. . . is the soul of a space . . . like breath to a body.” the pulitzer’s watercourt allows light to come off the water and through the glass walls so at certain times of day one sees the movement of the water as a reflection inside the space. ando’s architecture “brings life to what is inside it,” and it is the curator’s privilege to work within this living, constantly changing environment.
excerpt, foreward to the exhibition

dreamscapes: curatorial introduction

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July 26, 2011

ziv ayal: allochtonen

allochtonen: definition / discussion

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July 25, 2011

david cousin-marsy: les villes invisibles

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