May 17, 2011

let us make cake: video mapping the new museum

projection on the new museum facade: let us make cake is a collaborative projection directed by nuit blanche new york and light harvest studios, premiered on the fa├žade of the new museum. dozens of artists were asked to interact with scale models of the new museum ranging in size from 11 inches to 11 feet, embracing the museum as both a canvas and vessel. the resulting footage was projection-mapped onto the new museum, marking the first time projection has been used to animate the entire 174-foot facade. participants range from established artists such as vito acconci, jon kessler and marilyn minter, to emerging artists such as softlab, chris jordan, mia pearlman, dustin yellin, z-collective and brooklyn-based street artists.
let us make cake ran on a 20-minute loop from 8:00pm saturday night to 2:00am sunday morning 5.7.11

info at flash:light

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