May 31, 2011

coke wisdom o'neal: blue nude

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courtesy mixed greens gallery

May 30, 2011

olivier de sagazan: transfiguration

video by emelie salquèbre


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found at basse def

May 29, 2011

meditation: sarah tacoma

the dreamers
ile aux marins, saint piere + miquelon 2010

blue river road
leaskdale, ontario 2010

saglek fjord, torngat mountains 2009

the missions
hebron, labrador 2009

the watch
nova scotia 2009

sweet forgot
bellwood, ontario 2009

calgary, alberta 2009

the storm
sandford rd, ontario 2009

whitehorse, the yukon 2010

all photos copyright © sarah tacoma all rights reserved
thanks to alice lewis for the link!

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May 28, 2011

chad gerth: empty lots

chicago & kedvale

fullerton & knox

division & latrobe

armitage & lamon

chicago & avers

chicago & avers

chicago’s great physical feature is not the height of its skyscrapers, but the flatness of its terrain. to take advantage of the endless midwestern plains, it is laid out in a persistent grid that lays waste to the land, ignoring all geographic features. aside from a splendid lake front, there is no conformity to markers such as rivers, valleys, or hills, as in cities like toronto or boston. chicago is the city’s city.

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May 27, 2011

justine reyes: vanitas

still life with banana, purse and change 2009

still life with still life book and figs 2009

still life with pomegranate and birds 2009

still life with sugar plums and containers 2009

still life with drawers, plate and conch shell 2009

still life with fish and orange slices 2009

still life with cup and melon 2009

still life with chicken game and flowers 2009

still life with tea set, picture frame and cake 2009

many thanks to justine reyes for permission to post these photos!

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photos via pdn photo of the day
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found at culture hall feature issue #68

May 26, 2011

eric fischl: krefeld project

living room scene 1, 2002

sunroom scene 3, 2002

dining room scene 2, 2003

sunroom scene 1, 2002

bedroom scene 7 after the tantrum, unholy news, 2004

bathroom scene 2, 2003

bedroom scene 6 surviving the fall meant using your handholds, 2003

bedroom scene 3. mistakes mistakes! everything shakes from all the mistakes, 2004

bedroom scene 8, 2004

bathroom scene 4, 2005

paintings from the krefeld and krefeld redux projects, 2002 - 2005
oil on linen

all content copyright © eric fischl

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May 25, 2011

jane hirshfield: suitcase

by jane hirshfield
design and animation: john eickholt

made for

more motion poems

daniel bruce: make a wish

make a wish
neon, used tires, coin operated mechanism, pvc, transformers, mixed media
dimensions variable

all content copyright © daniel bruce all rights reserved