March 6, 2012

john mccracken: at david zwirner (early works)

john mccracken (1934 - 2011)
works 1965 - 2002

theta two 1965

red plank 1967

think pink 1967

lavender box 1969

untitled 1970

untitled 1974

black pyramid 1975

installation 2010

alpha-1 1988

minnesota 1989

ibex 1992

bing 2002

my tendency is to reduce or develop everything to ‘single things’ — things which refer to nothing outside [themselves], but which at the same time possibly refer, or relate, to everything.
john mccracken

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obituary: l. a. times
obituary: art daily

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formline said...

like his works so much. Clean? simple and just beautiful.

Weaver said...

All hale the power! No wonder corporations use minimal art for their HQs - the futuristic purity is both optimistic and nihilistic - expressions of the capitalist will to power, perhaps?

At any rate these are beautiful works in themsleves.

Anonymous said...

clean lines and shapes
it's very beautiful