March 10, 2012

precursor: robert ryman

series #13 (white) 2004

series #14 (white) 2004

series #23 (white) 2004

series #17 (white) 2003

session 2002

hansa 1993

initial 1989

classico #6 1968

untitled 1962

untitled 1959

untitled 1958

untitled 1962

robert ryman

"it’s similar to the meaning of listening to a symphony. you don’t know the meaning, and you can’t explain it to anyone else who didn’t hear it. the painting has to be seen. but there is no meaning outside of what it is."

"music is an abstract medium, and i thought painting should also just be what it’s about and not about other things- not about stories or symbolism. i don’t think of my painting as abstract because i don’t abstract from anything. i use real light, so there’s not an illusion of light. it’s a real experience. the lines are real. you see real shadow. the wall is involved with the painting."
robert ryman

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