February 2, 2011

greg drasler: threshold | object as environment

chores 1995

wiggle room sling 2005

hawkeye jesus 1995

wiggle room post it 2006

jumping jesus 1996

in camera 2001

mobile 2001

wiggle room studio 2006

artist statement

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peggy diggs said...

I love this work and could sit with any one of them for a day. Would some day love to talk with you--and I'm sure you've done this before--about how these, for you, would differ from installations with the same materials/objects.

love, peggy

Unknown said...

It is an economic choice. Though my focus on interior spaces began in the late 80's early 90's when installation as a form was ascendant, the blossoming of the shelter-mags was also heating up. Both of these were influences threw me back into realizing the utility of the painting as a movable site, a can-do apparatus often invested with the need for capacity, weather perceptual or conceptual. I liked the slippage between these categories. Reluctant to engage in a gas-guzzling or evaporating practice, painting held and still holds the capacity for my occupation.