January 25, 2011

yann le guennec: flux errors

flux errors I - le blavet 2010

flux errors II - le scorff 2011

flux errors III - la mayenne 2010

flux errors IV 2010

flux errors V 2010

vlux errors VI 2010

flux errors VII 2010

flux errors VIII 2010

landscape errors XI - hennebont 2010

landscape errors XII - hennebont

in the series landscape errors, HTTP 404 Errors (files not found) on this website are used to populate the landscape.
each agent provoking an error becomes a geometric shape positioned near the horizon line.
numbers of agents vary randomly according to limits fixed in each online software.
the picture is reloaded every minute.

flux errors and landscape errors: digital image projection systems, variable dimensions, 2010
artist statement

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