January 31, 2011

kiki smith: sojourn

sojourn at the brooklyn museum feb - sept 2010
kiki smith

walking puppet 2008

annunciation 2008

installation view: major henry trippe house chamber room

singer 2008

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silver bird 2006

messenger III 2007


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installation slideshow, includes videos:

interview w kiki smith:

video content via the brooklyn museum

January 30, 2011

hiroshi sugimoto: lightning fields (2009)

For his latest project, called Lightning Fields, the award-winning photographer traded optics for electricity. He wields a Van de Graaff generator to send up to 400,000 volts through film to a metal table. The resulting fractal branching, subtle feathering, and furry whorls call to mind vascular systems, geologic features, and trees. “I see the spark of life itself, the lightning that struck the primordial ooze,” Sugimoto says. Although some of the effects happen by chance, the artist does try to exercise control. “I have a kitchen’s worth of utensils that produce sparks with different characteristics,” he says. “But there are many variables — weather, humidity, perhaps even what I had for breakfast — I’m never sure what influences the results.”

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January 29, 2011

gabriela herman: bloggers



tosh. o

random night out


a photography blog


fork lift

letters to romeo



the social

the gloss

"The blog’s big bang has led many to question whether communicating with a larger audience from a secluded room is more or less social than speaking with a vastly smaller network of people face-to-face. For her part, (Gabriela) Herman disputes that technology has an isolating effect.

“I believe bloggers are connecting us, bringing us closer,” she says, “allowing for an interactive platform, a two-way dialogue that allows for both online and offline relationships to form.” For her, Herman says, blogs are a “comfort” and her “go-to source for information.”
excerpt from 'voyeuristic blogger portraits put faces to URLs' at raw file blog

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fabiano busdraghi: antarctica

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January 28, 2011

jeremy scott: alternative portraits

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