October 31, 2010

gottfried helnwein: disasters of war

in memory of francisco de goya:

disasters of war 24 2007

annunciation (mouse 12) 2010

the murmur of the innocents 7 2009

the disasters of war 7 2007

the murmur of the innocents 5 2009

the murmur of the innocents 4 2009

the disasters of war 19 2007

the disasters of war 2 2007

the murmur of the innocents 9 2009

the disasters of war 6 2007

it is the function of the artist to evoke the experience of surprised recognition: to show the viewer what he knows but does not know that he knows. helnwein is a master of surprised recognition.
william s. burroughs

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October 30, 2010

last walk around mirror lake

last walk around mirror lake - boom bip (boards of canada remix)
written by bryan hollon (boom bip) remix by marcus eoin & michael sandison (boards of canada)
unofficial music video made by frosch yankee from the movie adrenaline rush
location: eikesdalen (norway)


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andy bruntel: liars "scissor"

director: andy bruntel
winner: vimeo awards - music video
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martin de thurah: water city


part of the danish pavillion - EXPO shanghai 2010
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October 29, 2010

jamey stillings: at the springs preserve

current exhibition at the springs preserve, las vegas:

colorado river near hoover dam

2009 #2848

2009 #2870

Aerial View of the Colorado River Bridge

Colorado River Bridge, 1 July 2009

Colorado River Bridge, 1 July 2009

Colorado River Bridge, 1 July 2009

2009 #1348

2009 #1828

2009 #8759

Colorado River Bridge, 10 August 2009 [final pour of the arch]

many thanks to jamey stillings for permission to post these images!

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October 28, 2010

pavel otdelnov: abstract landscape

landscape no.1 2009

white 2010

landscape no.2 2009

landscape no.3 2009

coke 2008

landscape no.5 2009

the prayer 2009

landscape no.4 2009

desert 2010

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October 27, 2010

emilio gomariz: extremity

interactive / animated:

and another
and another
and another
and another
and another

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October 25, 2010

detroit mona: the jane show

current exhibition at detroit mona:

The Jane Show: A Museum of One's Own

In the end, the creative act is not performed by the artist at all: the spectator brings art to life and thus fulfills the work on the spot.

THE JANE SHOW brings together art and spectator as one - by the simple act of documenting a single museum visitor.

photos: jef bourgeau

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