September 28, 2010

anne truitt: abstraction is not easy

abstraction is not easy.
rather than working in representational imagery that depicts such things as everyday objects or human forms, some artists express themselves exclusively in a vocabulary of color, shape, and compositional arrangements. broadly speaking, people are used to receiving information in words or pictures that have a fairly direct and recognizable relationship to the reality in which we live....
excerpted from anne truitt: perception and reflection
via first person plural

all work © estate of anne truitt
photographs via matthew marks gallery

September 27, 2010

robert pallesen: section 314 west

from section 314, west coast:

posters, portland, or

under I-5, portland, or

ford galaxy, portland, or

umbrella, portland, or

cistus XI, sauvie island, or

jacket in sun, portland, or

bus stop, portland, or

tomato juice, portland, or

rain patterns, portland, or

green store, portland, or

target parking lot, hayden island, or

many thanks to robert pallesen for permission to post these images!

all photographs copyright © robert pallesen all rights reserved

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September 25, 2010

hilden and diaz: on fire


video projections by thyra hilden and pio diaz
found at PYTR 75

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September 24, 2010

henrik isaksson garnell: fantastic sculpture | photos

all photos copyright © henrik isaksson garnell all rights reserved

found at acidolatte

September 23, 2010

ana teresa fernandez:

performance documentation - oil on canvas:





via tootsy

via tootsy

via tootsy

artwork copyright © ana teresa fernandez all rights reserved
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found at look in art

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September 22, 2010

precursor: william eggleston 1976 - 2004

from william eggleston's guide 1976:

from eve's bayou 1998:

from cadillac 1999

from los alamos 2002:

from dust bells vol 1 2004:

from dust bells vol 2 2004:

all content copyright © the eggleston artistic trust
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September 21, 2010

sens production: melt

eight dancers perched on a wall and wrapped in sculptural beeswax and lanolin costumes are slowly melting away, progressing in euphoria and exhaustion as if approaching the sun, melting until their souls escape their ephemeral bodies and disintegrate into light.

choreography noƩmie lafrance
score erin mcGoningle
dancers elizabeth wilkinson, mare hieronimus, teresa kochis, celeste hastings, ori lenkinski, adi kfir, meghan merril, marcy schlissel, sarah donnelly
performed august and september 2010
the salt pile, lower manhattan, NYC under the manhattan bridge

the 2003 production:

all content copyright © sens production 2001 - 2010

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