August 31, 2010

robert jessup: stories

making breakfast with friends 2008

girl and puppetboy (the tease) 2007

cooking with rabbit 2008

couple, landscape 2007

making pasta 2008

the mountain 2007

making bread 2008

mountain landscape 2005

two men and a pie 2006

all content copyright © robert jessup

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August 30, 2010

che fare? arte povera in liechtenstein

currently on view at kunstmuseum liechtenstein:

senza titolo 1969
jannis kounellis

tappeto natura 1966
piero gilardi

lato destro 1970
giovani anselmo

al mondo il mondo 1973
alighiero boetti

identico alieno 1968
emilio prini

ponte levatoio 1968
pino pascali

installation view

che fare? arte povera: the historic years
artists: giovanni anselmo, alighiero boetti, pier paolo calzolari, luciano fabro, piero gilardi, jannis kounellis, mario merz, marisa merz, giulio paolini, pino pascali, giuseppe penone, michelangelo pistoletto, emilio prini, salvo, gilberto zorio
venue: kunstmuseum liechtenstein, vaduz
may 7 – september 5, 2010

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August 28, 2010

marcy james: butte

all photos copyright © marcy james all rights reserved

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August 27, 2010

michael fitts: trompe l'oeil twinkies...

twinkies 2010

clothes pins

tin robot 2010

white shirt 2008

twinkies no.3 2009

monopoly shoe 2009

ice cream scoop #4 2009

monopoly car 2009

ice cream scoop no.2 2008

balloons 2008

all paintings oil on scrap metal
copyright michael fitts all rights reserved
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August 26, 2010

jan imberi: light and dark

white 1 2008
limestone on pine bark

white 2 2008
limestone on pine bark

keep on whispering my name 2007

light 1 2008
spotlight, hazer, blind

light 2 2008
spotlight, hazer, blind

light 3 2008
spotlight, hazer, blind

all content copyright © jan imberi
found at charlotte & de dingen

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August 25, 2010

john divola: dark star

many thanks to john divola for permission to post these images!

photographs copyright © john divola 2008 all rights reserved

review: john divola at gallery luisotti

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August 24, 2010

pieter van den dorpe: ruimteruis

all content copyright © pieter van den dorpe
with permission, via ruimteruis
visit pieter van den dorpe at PYTR75

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