June 13, 2010

sigmar polke: 1941 - 2010

via contemporary art daily [recent paintings at michael werner] 2009:

beyond the rainbow 2007

untitled [lens painting] 2007

lens painting 2007

untitled [lens painting] 2007

installation view

via museum for contemporary art siegen 2007:

a conflict that has long been resolved 2007

you will accomplish today what most people wouldn't be able to accomplish in such a short time [substitute-van-gogh] 2007

guardian of the threshold 2003

via art tattler [archive]:

kandinsdingsda (wir kleinbürger) 1976

giornico [wir kleinbürger] 1976

supermarkets [wir kleinbürger] 1976

memphis schulze, hochzeitsbild 1977

more precursor[s]
more modern painting