June 9, 2010

jamey stillings: hoover dam project

colorado river near hoover dam

2009 #2848

2009 #2870

Aerial View of the Colorado River Bridge

Colorado River Bridge, 1 July 2009

Colorado River Bridge, 1 July 2009

Colorado River Bridge, 1 July 2009

2009 #1348

2009 #1828

2009 #8759

Colorado River Bridge, 10 August 2009 [final pour of the arch]

many thanks to jamey stillings for permission to post these images!

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found at fraction magazine
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Anonymous said...

Fantastic work and fantastic pictures.

Chapa said...

Amazing! Great and artistic work, in aindustrial subject.

oldmetalhead said...

the tension and power of the man made and natural energies is palpable. bravo!