June 22, 2010

anita cooke: order from chaos from order

wave rhythms
acrylic, cut and sewn canvas, found wires

center meditation II
canvas, acrylic, thread

center meditation II (detail)

katrina's garden
canvas, acrylic, thread, acrylic gel, ceramic grog, embroidery thread, rope, wood, rug lathing, copper wire, window screening, twine

katrina's garden (detail)

new orleans sampler one
canvas, acrylic, thread, wood, hooks, copper wire, found objects, staples, paper

new orleans sampler one (detail)

new orleans rhythm and blues
canvas, acrylics, thread, found objects

dirt painting #1
heavy paper, sticks, rocks, sand, pin needles, glue

dirt painting #1 (detail)

a world portrait: knotty, interconnected world
heavy paper, maps, acrylic gel, telephone wire, speaker wire, electrical connectors and caps, jewelry findings

knotty interconnected world (detail)

knotty interconnected world (detail)

anita cooke lives and works in new orleans
all content copyright © the artist
via jonathan ferrara gallery

more modern painting
more found object


Gizzm said...

Oh wow! I love this!