May 30, 2010

meditation: james casebere

cell #1 2008

cell #2 2008

cell #3 2008

interrogation room 2008

luxor #1 2007

luxor #2 2007

luxor #3 2007

flooded street 2008

all photos copyright © james casebere

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May 29, 2010

superbien: envision | sensory box

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May 28, 2010

thomas wrede: real landscapes

am fjord 2009

old waggons 2007

drive-in theatre 2009

canyon 2007

schlucht / ravine 2007

haus über den dünen 2007

bolzplatz 2008

autos 2005

all content copyright © thomas wrede all rights reserved
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May 27, 2010

dirk anschütz: louise cypher's suitcase

all content copyright © dirk anschütz 2010

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May 26, 2010

han hoogerbrugge: nails

nails 024 maestro

nails is an interactive animation environment. once image is loaded, click to start, use mouse or keyboard to manipulate many hidden or unexpected actions. some direction is given...

links to more nails:

nails 027 senescence

nails 025 nukem

nails 020 box

nails 021 bum

nails 002 rumble-dance-chacha-fuck-kiss


all content copyright © han hoogerbrugge
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May 25, 2010

david winship: cypress swamp

the virginia cypress swamp in january:

from first landing s.p. (virginia)

photographs © david winship some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC)

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May 23, 2010

meditation: david bram | iceland

black church, budir
© david bram

craters, myvatyn
© david bram

farm house
© david bram

© david bram

beast at hvitserkur
© david bram

side, black church, budir
© david bram

many thanks to david bram for permission to post these images
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May 22, 2010

ayobori: the ferry

The ferry crosses to the office area every morning.
I ride with several workers, their faces familiar.
The yellow tickets we have create a weird sense of unity.
My mind is uplifted by the gentle rocking of the ferry on her voyage. We are those who have a stable secure life.
But is this me?

the ferry 2009
ayako nichibori (ayobori)
found at i beep to u'r earhole

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May 21, 2010

hugo arcier: duplicate | serial objects

duplicate iphone 2009

duplicate house 2009

duplicate car 2009

duplicate canned food 2009

duplicate sextoy 2009

duplicate cross 2009

In this specific series, my research focuses on duplication. It is a function that can be more generally associated to the digital world.

An object, once created (modeled) in 3D, can be infinitely duplicated. The concept of the original is no longer relevant. More precisely, I would say that the original no longer exists, as each instance is absolutely identical.

The object loses its ability to fascinate. It is taken out of context and becomes a mere shell. It is now only an atom, only the whole matters. The objects are made of a uniform material that appears to blend into the underlying expanse. By a strange mitosis phenomenon, the objects proliferate infinitely, at the expense of all that is natural and human. This proliferation levels and sterilizes everything in its way.
hugo arcier
excerpt from 'duplicate - serial objects.' artist statement

all images copyright © hugo arcier all rights reserved

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May 19, 2010

graziano spinosi: nests


nido I

nido II

nido III

nido IV

nido V

iron wire and plaster
all content copyright © graziano spinosi all rights reserved

Dal primo istante apparteniamo a una razza, una terra, una lingua. Non scegliamo il luogo dove nascere ma ne siamo portatori, come del nome, per tutta la vita. Ci chiamiamo, e chiamiamo le cose, per bisogno di appartenenza: abbiamo dato un nome anche ai mari e ai fiumi, ai venti, alle montagne e alle stelle. Sulla terra, nel punto in cui siamo nati, abbiamo lasciato la nostra prima impronta. Quel piccolo punto di spazio e di tempo, se pure lontano, appartiene alla memoria di ognuno. Questi Nidi sono dedicati alla proporzione natale del grembo materno; al fertile silenzio della prima casa, al primo respiro, a quell’impronta originaria o a ciò che di essa è rimasto, fosse solo il ricordo.
Graziano Spinosi

graziano spinosi:
lives and works in santarcangelo di romagna, italy
blog: currenti calamo

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