April 13, 2010

daria endresen: of angels and protection

protection 2009

earthbound 2009 [with eric lacombe]

protection II 2010

frida und die schmetterlinge 2009

zuwarten 2009

kevlar soul 2009

those who disappeared 2009

der morgen danach 2008

it doesn't hurt anymore 2007

my lover will go 2008

all content copyright © daria endresen all rights reserved

found at darkrooms in northern light via suzanne alm
more art photography


Anonymous said...

Mysterious, frigthening and incredibly beautiful at the same time.....I love these pictures.

oldmetalhead said...

YES! Striking images, beautifully conceived and masterfully rendered.

Maryanne said...

stunning- they all capture something deep, dark and beautiful ....