April 29, 2010

dustin yellin: hazardous materials, fantastic mutations

poppies 2007
resin, acrylic, ink


astra orus 2007
resin, acrylic, ink

astra magnus 2007
resin, acrylic, ink

astra pixus 2007
resin, acrylic, ink

arborius aurora plex 2007
resin and acrylic

cypress no. 1 2008
ink and resin

nipplexus 2007
resin and acrylic

all content copyright © dustin yellin all rights reserved
via samuel freeman gallery

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April 27, 2010

hugo arcier: degeneration

degeneration. woman with a cube.
by hugo arcier
via le blog du temps perdu

All my 3D objects are afflicted with a degenerative disease.
Gripped by terror, they understand what fate awaits them.
Gradually they disintegrate, face after face they lose their appearance, with a fatal outcome.

In this way the 3D objects die.
Hugo Arcier

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April 26, 2010

julia staples: under the ash

all content copyright © julia staples
via pdn photo of the day

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April 25, 2010

bill viola: ocean without a shore

fragments from the video installation ocean without a shore by bill viola, 2007

production stills from the installation:

stills via james cohan gallery, new york

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April 24, 2010

tower bawher: constructivist video

This animated short by Theodore Ushev is like a whirlwind tour of Russian constructivist art and is filled with visual references to artists of the era, including Vertov, Stenberg, Rodchenko, Lissitsky and Popova.

via film board of canada (sorry about their icon in the middle of the frame...)
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linosso: constructivist superheroes




digital imagery by sascha wagner (linosso)
via www.linosso.com

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April 23, 2010

hans christian schink: wäende

buero 2 1998

eberndorf 2001

seehausen 1996

autobahn a-14 1999

sanitz 2005

autobahn a-4 bei erfurt

leipzig I 1999

autobahn a-14 bei nauendorf

sacsayhuaman peru 2004

all content copyright © hans christian schink
via galerie rothamel, frankfurt am main

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April 22, 2010

antony gormley: expansion works 1989 - 1993

body, 1990

body and fruit, 1991 / 1993
cast iron, air

body, 1991 - 93
cast iron, air

still running, 1990 - 93
cast iron, air

earth, 1991 - 93

end product, 1990 - 93
cast iron, air

still falling I, 1990 - 91
cast iron, air

The EXPANSION works began with an obsession with renegotiating the skin: questioning where things and events begin and end.
All forms become egg-shaped if their skin is repeated, achieving an equilibrium between stasis and potential.
The EXPANSION works apply this process to the body in dynamic motion, moving bodies either in self-locomotion, as in STILL LEAPING, or in positions where the body is the subject of movement, as in STILL FALLING.
All the pieces are based on moulds of my own body, but I gave up the obsessive repetition of the skin which would have resulted in a plaster form that weighed several tons.

still leaping, work in progress photos:

all content copyright © antony gormley
via www.antonygormley.com

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April 21, 2010

chapa: in black and white


teia de aranha

linha de luz

a janela da fabula

caminhos tortuosos

em tom de cal

linhas e sombra

preto & branco

enigma aos quadradinhos

all photos copyright © chapa all rights reserved
via bloguite

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