March 23, 2010

SOFA: glass, ceramic, bronze: it's a big world out there

from the 13th SOFA [sculpture objects and functional art] exposition 2010 new york:
click on images for full view (recommended)

fiaz elson
obscure clarity 2010

fernando casasempere
primordial cavern 2009

felicity aylieff
xia kunchong-summer insects II & III 2008
ceramic, overglaze transfers

koike shoko
white form 2009
glazed stoneware

wendy wahl
arboreal anatomy 2008
encyclopedia britannica pages

chien-wei chang
wounded soul in healing process 2009
silver, felt

koji hatakeyama
ten faces 2008
cast bronze

kishi eiko
rectangular, leaning form with colored clay inlays 2007

rachel woodman
orange interruption 2009
nine colored glass tubes on a slate base

shayna leib
celebes 2009
blown glass, glass cane, steel, resin

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