February 24, 2010

roni horn: vatnasafn / library of water (part 1)

the installation:

the building:

roni horn: vatnasafn - library of water
stykkishólmur, iceland
permanent installation opened 2007

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via www.libraryofwater.is: an interactive site with history, concept, execution, roni horn's relationship to and art work created from iceland (recommended)

Water, Selected: an archive of water collected as ice from twenty-four unique glacial sources through Iceland. The water is stored in floor-to-ceiling glass columns permanently installed on site. Each column is dedicated to a single glacial source. The columns are 12 in. diameter by 118 in. high.

You are the Weather (Iceland): Rubber floor installed wall to wall, embedded throughout with solid rubber text; a collection of 144 adjectives in two languages, Icelandic and English, describing the weather.

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