March 26, 2010

minimal exposition: a year in the sphere

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rem koolhaas: casa da musica
junichi sampei / A.L.X.
steven holl

sean cheetham
cy twombly
gerhard richter
gottfried helnwein
the clayton brothers

anish kapoor
anne truitt
martin puryear
tony cragg
sibylle pasche

monumental sculpture / installation:
anselm kiefer
roni horn
rebecca horn
richard serra

hiroshi sugimoto
branislav kropilak
edgar martins
christopher griffith
nicholas hughes
bill sullivan
kim holtermand
roger ballen
spencer tunick

james turrell
anthony mccall

libensky and brychtova
kristiina uslar

asa mader | mikhail baryshnikov
alex delany

viral video:
multitouch barcelona: human interface

featured photoblogs:
julien roumagnac

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Dream Street said...

I absolutely LOVED the greatest hits post. Isn't it funny how music has hits and web sites have hits?
Anyway, staying power, diversity, intellectual curiosity, the self control to keep your opinion limited to the choice of links/photo posts- kudos.

the viewer said...

thanks, glad you enjoy! why do YOU think there aren't more people commenting on these posts?