March 12, 2010

friday photo(s): osamu james nakagawa

images of the 'suicide cliff' on okinawa, japan
by osamu james nakagawa, guggenheim fellow and indiana university associate professor of fine arts
(click image to view full size: recommended)

installation view:

all photographs copyright © osamu james nakagawa
via WFIU public radio's flickr page

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Ikiru said...

Haunting photos-- particularly the second one, with the blood of how many lives, how many private histories.

"On that minor Mediterranean island, long before sunrise, I was making my way along the path leading to the steepest cliff and thinking the thoughts of a vacationing concierge: if I had that villa I’d paint it ochre, I’d have a different fence put up, etc. Despite my idea, I was clinging to every straw: I stared at the century plants, I dawdled, I shrouded in digressions the urgency of my intention. A dog began barking then made friends and followed me. You cannot imagine, if you haven’t experienced it, the solace of an animal coming to keep you company when the gods have turned their backs." ~ E.M. Cioran

the viewer said...

what a lovely comment, thank you. i'm struck by the way the extreme vertical format causes me to scroll the image, to read it as i would if i were standing that close to the cliffs.