January 7, 2010

art intersects with science: NASA

cloud streets in the bering sea

majon volcano threatens major eruption

sand dunes in the tenere desert, niger

lake effect clouds

landsat 7 reveals large-scale fractal motion of clouds

ash plume from tavurvur, papua new guinea

snow storm from severe winter storm dips into texas

all images © NASA (click image for full size)
via earthobservatory.nasa.gov
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musser Jerry King said...

pretty darned impressive!

oldmetalhead said...

the similarities to abstract or color field paintings surprise me...I guess it's all a matter of scale and proportion; whether it's a macro photo of a wall surface, a long distance view of space from the earth (or earth from space), or a robert ryman or ad reinhardt painting, there is infinite space created at the picture plane...

Mammoth said...

I am not certain what your stance on UFO's are, but I must tell you they are here...on this planet and have been since unrecorded history. It is such that they must come here to view what you now show us. This is so for all that venture to this world, and it is such that our neighbors are sorry for the imbalance here, and sorry will illicit change here, 2012 is scheduled for our new venture...and these colors will brighten to another glow...the glow of Love, Bill Sidmore