January 9, 2010

alex roman: the third & the seventh

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alex roman: CG modelling-texturing-illumination-rendering, postproduction-editing, music sequencing-orchestration-mixing, sound design
based on original scores by michael laurence edward nyman and charles-camille saint-saƫns
directed by alex roman

hat tip: ckarchitecture for the facebook post

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musser said...

(and, I'm still trying to recover from the fact it's CGI).

oldmetalhead said...

This is one of those times when an art experience has changed (is changing?) the way I look at the world. This artist's ability to put me IN the architectural space (in a way static photography cannot), the movement of LIGHT (the cloud sequence, the shadow sequence), and the references to Mies' Barcelona Pavilion and Calatrava's Brise Soleil are a full meal. Whew!

the viewer said...

'when Cimabue was absent from the workshop, his young apprentice (Giotto) painted such a lifelike fly on the face of the painting that Cimabue was working on, that he tried several times to brush it off'

i like to think of the CG artists as introducing us to a new way of seeing the world around us. who knows if they can usher in a new age of art as giotto and others did in the late middle ages, but imagery that is 'better than the real thing' can certainly open our minds to visual possibilities.

the viewer said...

the viewer's query: the 3rd and the 7th supposedly refer to architecture and photography as the 3rd and 7th art forms.....i've not been able to find any such 'ordering' of the arts, can anyone point me?

Jerry King Musser said...

The same question nagged me... about the origin of the title and from which 'list' it comes. Now, it's nagging me even more since I can't find one thing. Nothing. A friend suggested the list name is more like 'The Seven Pillars of Art' or some other numeric assignment, or just 'The Pillars of the Arts,' but I can't find a thing! It's driving me nutty. So, I've emailed the filmmaker. If he bothers to respond, I'll surely share his response with you.