January 31, 2010

james turrell: stone sky

Commissioned in 2001 and completed in 2007, Stone Sky, 2005 includes a pavilion and an infinity pool that stretches out toward the valley floor and the volcanic pinnacles beyond. Turrell’s installation within the open pavilion brings a square of sky through an overhead plane. By swimming underwater at the end of the pool, one surfaces within a cube-like Skyspace, whose interior is finished in teak.

all photography © florian holzherr
via stonescape.us

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January 30, 2010

chunky move: mortal engine (excerpts)

1 hour dance-video-music-laser performance by chunky move


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January 29, 2010

robert wallace: a love affair with color

swimming in the past

desert storm







rock painting #7

all photos copyright © robert wallace some rights reserved (CC- BY-NC-ND)
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January 28, 2010

west coast cool

excerpts from 'primary atmospheres - works from california 1960-1970'
the current exhibition at david zwirner gallery nyc (1.8.10 - 2.6.10)

peter alexander
green wedge 1969
cast polyester resin

larry bell
untitled 1966-67
glass, vaporized gold and chromium plated brass

larry bell
untitled 1969
mineral coated glass

larry bell
untitled 1968
vacuum coated glass

craig kaufman
untitled 1968
acrylic and lacquer on vacuum-formed plexiglas

craig kaufman
untitled 1969
acrylic and lacquer on plastic

john mccracken
red plank 1967
polyester resin, fiberglass, and plywood

john mccracken
think pink 1967
polyester resin, fiberglass and plywood

helen pashgian
untitled 1968-69
polyester resin and acrylic

james turrell
gard red 1968
light projection

james turrell
juke green 1968
light projection

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de wain valentine
triple disk red metal flake - black edge 1966
fiberglass reinforced polyester

doug wheeler
untitled 1969
acrylic, neon tubing, and wood

(more about doug wheeler)

laddie john dill
utitled 1969
glass, sand, wood, and argon with mercury


all photography via david zwirner.com

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January 27, 2010

steven meisel: from 1999

all content © steven meisel
via pourquoi pas?

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January 26, 2010

david hawkins-weeks: extrajection

abstract macro #38

abstract glass macro #3

abstract macro #29

abstract macro #22

abstract macro #11

clock study #5

abstract macro #4

abstract macro #21

drill bit

abstract macro #27

beech leaf

all content © david hawkins-weeks some rights reserved (CC-BY-NC-ND)
david hawkins-weeks:
at flickr
at extrajection.com
at minimal exposition

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