December 31, 2010

rafaël rozendaal: into time (interactive)

click inside the frame...and again...
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into time 2010
© rafaël rozendaal
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December 30, 2010

steven meisel: vogue patterns (2007)

magazine: vogue italia december 2007
models: lara stone, meghan collison, kinga rajzak, maryna linchuk, hanne-gaby odiele
photographer: steven meisel

via by way of jannike viveka blog

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December 28, 2010

stefan brüggemann: show titles (interactive)

the show titles is a work in progress by stefan brüggemann of titles for exhibitions. freely available, please use them as you wish. there is no need to ask for any authorisation, only use the show titles, and credit it as an art piece by stefan brüggemann (show title, #xxx by stefan brüggemann). the website also offers the possibility, in clicking on any of the show titles, to hear the spoken title.

please do send a copy of the invitation card, and any printed material, to the following address: blow de la barra, 35 heddon street, w1b 4bp, london, uk.

website project produced and realised by mathieu copeland

all content copyright © stefan brüggemann all rights reserved
found at currenti calamo

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dušan lazić: jealousy | guardians of taste

jealousy 2009:
(click for full size)

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guardians of taste 2010:

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many thanks to dušan lazić for permission to post these images!

all photographs copyright © dušan lazić all rights reserved

December 27, 2010

dr. alzheimer: explorations of beauty and decay

many thanks to dr. alzeimer for permission to post these images!

all content copyright © dr. alzheimer all rights reserved
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December 25, 2010

david lachapelle: american jesus

american jesus: the beatification: I'll never let you part for you're always in my heart

american jesus: hold me, carry me boldly

the kingdom come

american jesus: archangel michael: and no message could have been any clearer

via paul kasmin gallery nyc

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December 24, 2010

jonathan prince: in stone (redux)

reposted from 4.27.10 by request:

broken torus 2008

fragment 4 (elixir) 2010

ellipsis 2007

cog 2009

umbra 2008

light box 2007

plurality 2006

five piece sphere 2009

fragment 2 2010

life form 2009

water table 2006

all content copyright © jonathan prince all rights reserved

jonathan prince: new work
jonathan prince: torn steel
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richard tuttle: 2007

section III, extension C 2007

section III, extension D 2007

section III, extension G 2007

section IV, extension D 2007

section IV, extension H 2007

section IV, extension U 2007

section I, extension C 2007

section I, extension Q 2007

section I, extension N 2007

section I, extension O 2007

section II, extension C 2007

section II, extension B 2007

section V, extension F 2007

section I, extension J 2007

(most pieces roughly 7" x 2.5" x 4")

all artwork copyright © richard tuttle all rights reserved
via sperone westwater, 257 bowery, nyc

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